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Turfleet Hire (a subsidiary of Helpful Hirings Ltd) is a well established company that has been supplying a large range of top brands and models of machinery to our customers for over 30 years.


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Download the latest Turfleet booklet which lists our complete range of products available for hire.


Visit our sister company Helpful Hirings for all your plant and tool hire needs.

Why Hire from Turfleet?

Welcome to Turfleet Hire, where efficiency meets affordability. We offer an array of benefits that cut costs to our customers – and have done for the past 35 years.

Minimise inventory: Access the right equipment for the right job without excess inventory costs. No need for storage: Utilise our machinery without worrying about storage expenses. No maintenance costs: We take care of maintenance, reducing unexpected expenditures. Cost control: Our flexible options let you maintain strict cost control, saving you money. Taxation benefits: Potential tax advantages can lead to significant savings. Conservation of capital: Preserve capital for essential activities rather than tying it up in equipment. Increase borrowing capacity: Keep your borrowing capacity intact for other growth initiatives. Equipment control: Access top-notch machinery without the burden of ownership. No disposal costs: Return equipment when done, eliminating disposal expenses.

Experience efficiency, flexibility, and financial prudence with Turfleet Hire. Cut costs by 50% and elevate your business performance.